At WHYZE Health, we believe the next evolution in healthcare unifies research, care, and data. The WHYZE Health platform uses large-scale data from patients and clinicians to build a fully connected digital ecosystem. By using consented data from you and other patients with a similar medical need, the WHYZE platform can provide up-to-date information that aids physicians in choosing the best health interventions that provide the best health outcomes for you and patients like you. The WHYZE platform can also provide up-to-date information on research opportunities that you can discuss with your physician.

Data security is a top priority for WHYZE Health. We use industry-standard encryption mechanisms using state-of-the-art security technology when dealing with your data. This means that your data is safe and secure. Please review our privacy notice or contact us with further questions. 

WHYZE Health collects patient data by integrating with your healthcare providers’ electronic medical records and using data that you provide directly to WHYZE. 

Managing chronic conditions can feel like a full-time job. Hence, WHYZE Health utilizes a vast, continually updated pool of data to help guide proven, effective methods for achieving better patient outcomes. Also, by having access to your mobile healthcare data, you can stay actively involved in your treatment by providing feedback, letting your healthcare providers know your experience firsthand, and advising the outcomes you are experiencing to better tailor your healthcare. 

Your data belongs to you. You choose who has access to your data by providing the necessary consent. At WHYZE Health, we have robust access controls in place, ensuring that the consent you have provided determines who has access to your data. If you have consented to participate in research, WHYZE Health will notify you of research opportunities that may be relevant to you. Your data will never be shared without your permission. Please review our privacy notice and contact us with further questions.