More Data. Less Risk.

The WHYZE Health platform is a secure, collaborative ecosystem in which payers, patients, providers, pharma, and medtech share knowledge and utilize actionable real-world evidence.

Our validated global outcome data helps deliver the most effective care, reducing diagnostic timelines, improving patient outcomes, and lessening financial risk.

Higher Quality.
Lower Cost.

We believe in helping physicians provide a higher quality of care, which is why our platform lets you reward delivery of the best patient care options using a quality-based reimbursement strategy.

WHYZE Health offers the technological capabilities to measure improved health outcomes that deliver lower costs than conventional approaches. It also encourages care and cost management processes that are accountable and predictable.

Rethink Healthcare. Reshape Health.

Our platform brings a new perspective to healthcare challenges, taking a proactive, targeted, and effective approach to preventing diseases and reducing ER visits and hospital stays.

WHYZE Health also enables risk sharing with providers through evidence-based healthcare choices and promotes more value-based and resource-efficient care. It’s how our platform achieves better health economics that equal better outcomes.